A little bit about the best medical billing and coding company who always provides southern hospitality!

Long Story Short

Why we do it? Simple- we believe providers should be able to focus on their patient care; while receiving the highest reimbursement for their services.

our story

Hello, I’m Deidre Hampton and I’m the founder and CEO of Reliance Medical Management, LLC.

As a reliable and ethical professional, I have over 9 years of combined clinical and administrative experience and have had the opportunity to work with different providers, specialties, and hospitals. My passion started in nursing and grew into administrative management.  Within this transition, my motivation began with helping providers stay in business and focus on their patient care.

I have have assisted with implementing successful administrative and billing workflows, lowering overhead costs, and increasing office revenue.

I am also an AAPC Durham, NC Chapter member,  North Carolina Medical Society Member, and a Registered Nurse.

our story

Hi, I’m Eric Hampton Jr and I’m the co-founder of Reliance Medical Management, LLC. My role surrounds organizational development and information technology. I am a cultivated business professional with more than 9 years of combined work experience in Organizational Administration and  Instructional Technology. I have assisted many professionals in organization development, marketing, and technology. I am also a Research Triangle Area Chapter member with the Association of Talent Development.


We can help you increase your revenue while providing accurate billing and coding submissions with an approach that tailors to you.
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