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Reliance Medical Management’s Exclusive BPO Services in North Carolina, US Gets GoodFirms’ Recognition

bpo company in North Carolina,US

Reliance Medical Management, LLC, founded in 2016, serves as an operating medical billing and coding company. All around North Carolina and in the eastern region of the US, this family-owned company offers a variety of services related to billing, collection, administration, and consulting.

Reliance Medical Management (RMM) offers a unique approach that complements, and dedicates special attention to the provider by practicing and assists the hospital in increasing production and building lasting relationships. The company provides accurate billing and coding submissions to the clients and helps them increase their revenue. Due to this model, the clients are attracted.

The mission of Reliance Medical Management is to deliver measurable financial results to clients through the intelligent use of innovative technology. This client-driven organization provides technically competent, experienced, and dedicated staff to the clients. Moreover, the team members follow a disciplined approach to deliver their services with fiscal accountability. The clients’ data is firmly protected as Reliance MM believes in the privacy and safety of the data. All the cloud tools of the company are secure and protected.

With the highest level of veracity, acquiescence, and ethical values, the team of specialists seeks to obtain financial reimbursement for the clients to whom they are legally entitled for the services offered. The four essential pillars of Reliance Medical Management are:

  • Medical billing and coding.
  • Medical office/healthcare administration.
  • Innovative technology.
  • Organizational administration/training & development.

GoodFirms is an online evaluation and review platform that enables B2B tech corporations to find and develop software products and services. The service seekers sift through an endless list of categories, verified studies, and research articles to find the right business partner. The analysis method of GoodFirms is intended to help service seekers explain the proper system that meets their business interests. Its categorization method includes three crucial evaluation norms – Quality, Reliability, and Ability.


Similarly, GoodFirms evaluated Reliance Medical Management and asserted it as one of North Carolina’s  top BPO companies.


The dedicated team of experts employs experience and innovative technology that helps submit and code claims accurately. The specialists offer services related to account receivables management, coding of all encounters, electronic and paper claims submission, authorization request and tracking, posting of insurance and patient payments, eligibility checks along benefit verification. The clients can seamlessly view their data with the help of the tools provided by the team. Without long-term lock-ins, the company delivers service agreements monthly.


Therefore, GoodFirms positions Reliance Medical Management among the best medical billing companies at GoodFirms.


The team delivers provider credentialing services wherein the clients get networked and contracted with insurance. The tasks-related to analyzing the fee schedules and the continuous monitoring of application status are managed by skilled professionals.

Reliance Medical Management staff efficiently tackle the patient calls and maintain a smoother office workflow with the help of an integrated patient services line. The Reliance patient services assist patients in giving additional information to the insurance companies. Plus, they educate the patients in understanding their insurance policy correctly. Besides, the team is committed to collecting patient payments and sending statements. They also call patients to notify them of their balance.

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