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3 Big Tips to Improve Medical Practice Performance


Coming from a Medical Billing Company that specializes in helping medical providers and offices outsource confidently and effectively, one may think, “Are they crazy?”  Yes! We truly mean looking internally first, before deciding to give up completely or turn to a billing company. Sometimes the problem may not be solely on the billing department and it pays to evaluate your model every now and again. There are always simple, yet effective techniques that can be utilized to improve the atmosphere and the structure of your office. For example, a few things that we investigate with our analysis comprises of the overall quality of patient care, the level of communication, and finally the vision of training development and implementation. These three evaluators allow us to really get a more in depth feel of deeper rooted problems that could occur.

  • Patient Care: For us this is priority and number one. When we are in our needs analysis phase with our clients, what we want to know the most is how they feel about patient care. While this is an evaluator that has no true right answer, it is important that patient care is being treated ethically from the beginning of the process with greeting them into the door to the last stages of billing out their visit correctly and collecting the right amounts. While building a rapport with your patient base will take time, starting off on the right foot can be implemented immediately. Hold a staff meeting and gather ideas from each other on best practices for patient care and develop a goal sheet to track the progress of meeting those goals.
  • Communication: It goes without saying that communication is one of the most important functions of any job. When gauging success, it is critical to make sure your medical office staff is trained appropriately for any key expectations. This includes customer service goals, peer to peer interactions, or departmental connectivity. The best tool for teaching communication, is to lead the communication and drive it home every single day. Having your departments understand their roles and how they connect with one another is the best edge you can have to stay efficient. For a complete layout of how your office connects, check out our previous article.
  • Training and Development: “What does this have to do with health care?”, you say. Actually……Everything! We cannot stress the need for keeping new hires and veteran staff trained and offering development opportunities. What other way for workers to feel empowered, boost morale, and improve performance. Ongoing training and professional development give employees an opportunity to continually challenge their views on their work. Take advantage of our digital training series that are coming soon or reach out to our owner Eric for a free consultation on improving your training implementation.

Technology Development

It’s an understatement to say that the digital age is here. Where at one point an inbound call center and simple web portal could suffice, now that is simply just not the case. The technology market is changing not only how the healthcare field is interacting with one another, but also how patients are being provided for care. Be sure to have a good and clean online presence, embed a quality and balanced Electronic Health Record System (EHR), and provide multiple patient communication mechanisms for transparency and consistency. Most importantly, ensure it is all HIPAA compliant.


“Aha”, you say! Again, we use this term loosely as we are referring to managing your outside environment through your professional network or development opportunities. We can’t stress how important it is to keep your medical office in the loop with what’s going on around your community and in the healthcare atmosphere in general. This could be attending conferences or joining professional committees to earn CEU’s. Whatever your outlet, remain connected to your network, share ideas, and don’t be afraid to consult with or utilize outside services. If you are interested in learning how we can help, please fill out our contact form!

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